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Forget Net-Zero, the Honda Smart Home produces energy surplus

  “Energy efficient” doesn’t begin to describe the Honda Smart Home, a forward-thinking development constructed in collaboration with the University of California-Davis. Achieving a net-zero carbon rating is one thing, but this home actually produces a surplus of renewable energy! Though currently uninhabited, the Honda Smart Home generates a surplus of 2.6 megawat...
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Enter or nominate a deserving project for the Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Program

Peak building season is just weeks away. Before things to get too busy, now is the perfect time to enter or nominate a project for the Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Program. The award recognizes outstanding design, innovation, sustainability and quality in projects using Integrity products. As if earning industry acclaim and a great prize package wasn’t incentive enough, eve...
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What green does and doesn’t mean to homeowners

Suzanne Shelton, president of Shelton Group (Knoxville, Tenn.), has spent the past decade thinking green. As a researcher, Shelton has studied how Americans feel about environmental and energy issues, and building professionals should take note. The If you build it, they will come philosophy may work for cornfield baseball diamonds and ghosts, but green building? Not so much. In an inter...
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Meet the water heater of the future

Chances are you and your family members shower at around the same time each day. Yet, most water heaters function by keeping 40-80 gallons of water warm 24 hours per day, requiring a considerable amount of energy usage over time. If you see the flaw in the way our water is heated, you are too late to do anything about it. Two inventors in Illinois already have. Sridhar Deivasigamani and ...
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You’ll love these homes built with spite

Not every building can be designed and constructed with love. In fact, there is a colorful history of residential and commercial buildings erected out of sheer hatred. So-called “spite houses” tend to look like architectural calamities — and not by mistake. Generally speaking, spite houses are built to defy urban planners, building codes or even disagreeable neighbors. Forget ...
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