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Industry news round-up for July 14, 2011: architects get busier with remodeling, creative use of construction waste, and more

Architects Get Busier … Especially with Remodeling
Daily 5 Remodel
” ‘Improve instead of move’ could be the mantra of the American Institute of Architects’ latest Home Design Trends Survey. Released Wednesday, the survey found that residential architects are still reporting net declines in all sectors of new construction, but are generally optimistic about remodeling. Overall, business conditions appear to be improving modestly, new homes have slowed their shrinkage, and ‘property enhancements’ — inside and out — are where the action is and will remain for some time.”

U.S. Home Prices Poised to Climb as Foreclosures Wane, HUD’s Donovan Says
Bloomberg News
“Prices for U.S. homes may climb as soon as the third quarter, ending declines as foreclosures decline make more home available for sale, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said.”

Creative Use of Construction Waste
EcoBuild Trends
“Accepting that the first steps toward responsible use of raw materials and their resulting finished products, we also accept that there is waste in all processes – including construction. So how can one creatively use the left-over materials – giving them a new life?”

Aging boomers strain cities built for the young
Big Builder Online
“America’s cities are beginning to grapple with a fact of life: People are getting old, fast, and they’re doing it in communities designed for the sprightly. To envision how this silver tsunami will challenge a youth-oriented society, just consider that seniors soon will outnumber schoolchildren in hip, fast-paced New York City.”

Construction Sector Job Openings Steady During Economy’s Soft Patch
NAHB’s Eye on Housing
“Job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (JOLTS data) confirm that the U.S economy hit a soft patch during the summer of 2011, particularly with respect to the labor market. Nonetheless, the battered but recovering construction sector job market seems unaffected thus far.”

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