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The Spite House

As a builder, you’re probably used to the main reasons people want to build or remodel: they need more space, they want something more energy efficient, they prefer a different neighborhood, they want a different architectural style. All pretty standard, right? But one Seattle-area house has a different reason for being: spite. Yep, it’s known as the Spite House.

It’s an oddly-shaped tiny house that came into being over a property dispute — at least of some sort. Some people say that it was a divorce settlement that divided the property. Some say it was a neighborly dispute over a piece of land — the buying neighbor lowballed the owning neighbor. The owner was so insulted that he ended up not sellin and built the Spite House. Oh, and now it’s on the market again!

Whatever the reason, it’s a local landmark and actually very nice looking. From the front it looks pretty normal:


But from the side, you can see that it is only 830 square feet:

Spite House Seattle

It’s an inventive use of space! Have you ever heard of someone wanting to build or remodel their house for a really weird reason?

Images courtesy of KOMO News

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