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Tim Dahl of Charles & Hudson highlights Marvin Windows and Doors factory tour

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to take Tim Dahl, founder of the popular DIY home improvement blog Charles & Hudson, on a tour of the Marvin Windows & Doors factory in Warroad, Minn. Every year, thousands of trade professionals tour the factory and come away with a new appreciation for the great care Marvin takes in creating second-to-none windows and doors.

Dahl recently posted highlights from his trip to Warroad on Charles & Hudson, including dozens of great photos from the factory. During his tour, Dahl ran into former Marvin President Frank Marvin. We’ll let Dahl tell the rest:

Tim Dahl (left) and former Marvin President Frank Marvin at the Marvin Windows and Doors factory in Warroad, Minn.

“I’d like to share a personal story that I feel encompasses what Marvin is all about.

“Frank Marvin who is a 3rd generation member of the Marvin family and served as the President for 10 years and is now retired from the company, joined us for breakfast.

“Frank is in his 70′s and grew up in Warroad. At this point he could live anywhere in the world but still chooses to call Warroad his home. Every morning he still comes and chats with the Marvin dealers who are visiting and this morning was no different.

“He sat with our group and asked how business was and shared a bit about how business at Marvin is going. They have a “no-layoff” policy which has been difficult to maintain during these tough times which Frank called the worst he’s seen. He understands the commitment that employees make to work at Marvin and live in or near the town of Warroad which only has a population of 1,700. (Marvin employs 2,500 at the plant)…

“Our last stop on our tour was to check out the Marvin museum which I mentioned above and the tour guide in the museum was the same woman who worked the front desk at the visitor center. While we were on tour Frank covered the desk and opened company mail. This is the perfect example of how the Marvin family feels about the company and its unlikely you’ll see any other former CEO opening mail at a company he retired from, but that’s how they do it. Just like they have in the beginning.”

We’re glad we could play host on your first-ever trip to Minnesota, Tim! Feel free to come back in January or February for a true Northern Minnesota experience.

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