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New Year’s resolutions for building professionals

Posted December 17, 2014

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, but that doesn’t mean your list has to be headlined by the usual suspects like “run a marathon” or “ditch French fries for side salads.” We love the idea of professional resolutions. Whether you’re an ...

10 features luxury home buyers demand

Posted December 15, 2014

It’s a good time to be in the luxury home business. According to new housing data from the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing homes priced at over $1 million increased by 16 percent in October compared to the year before. The luxury market is now the hottest in the housing ...

Online reviews more influential than ever

Posted December 10, 2014

We don’t mean to create unnecessary panic, but do you know what former clients are saying about your company online? It’s important you do, because new research from YouGov.com shows 80 percent of American adults read online reviews before making a purchase. And we’re not just ...

How to manage a dream home project

Posted December 5, 2014

The absolute pinnacle of residential building is bringing to life a dream house for a client. In this situation, clients have saved typically saved a considerable amount of money, cultivated a vision and created an ideal outcome. And while clients may have built new in the past, every process is ...

Trick space to make small rooms appear larger

Posted December 3, 2014

Ever heard a homeowner complain about a living room that’s too spacious? Neither have we. Whereas homeowners with sprawling living rooms must labor to adequately furnish them, those stuck with a smaller living room must learn to trick the space. This goes beyond smaller furniture, light ...

Happy Thanksgiving from Integrity!

Posted November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving holds a special meaning for Integrity Windows and Doors from Marvin, and not only because we’re thankful for our many employees, partners and those who choose our products. It’s this time of year we like to talk about turkeys and sustainability. You read that correctly — ...

The 2015 New American Home at IBS promises to be a showstopper

Posted November 21, 2014

The 2015 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas is just two months away. With record cold temperatures and biblical snow in some parts of the country, we thought a look forward to January’s big gathering might be good for morale! Each year, the New American Home provides building ...

New-home sizes shrinking to attract entry-level buyers

Posted November 19, 2014

According to new data released by the Commerce Department on Wednesday, the median size of a single-family home built during Q3 2014 shrank 2.3% to 2,414 square feet from 2,472. The shift to relatively smaller homes means entry-level buyers may finally have options within their price range. The ...


Fiberglass Composites in Windows in Multi-Family Housing


This course will focus on the use of fiberglass composite windows in multi-family housing, with an emphasis on Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and HUD have rigid standards for window construction and installation, such as fiberglass cladding colors, water-repellent millwork, air leakage, water penetration, structural loading, weather stripping and sealed insulating glass.

Performance Characteristics of Pultruded Fiberglass

1 HSW SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

This program focuses on the strength, durability, and thermal efficiency of pultruded fiberglass. It describes manufacturing processes and environmental advantages of fiberglass as a window and door material.

Performance Glazing – Coatings, Layers & Gases

1 HSW SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

This course explores how different aspects of glazing can be manipulated for increased performance, including Low E coatings, glass layering, and gas filled spaces. It also defines criteria for evaluating energy performance and glazing.

Beyond Performance: Assessing the Sustainability of Windows

1 HSW SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

Sustainability concepts such as embodied energy, carbon footprint and life cycle are explained relative to fenestration products. Wood and clad wood, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl are compared in terms of sourcing, manufacture and end-of-life disposal. A net zero residential case study is included.

AAMA 2605: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts


This program takes an in-depth look at aluminum as a clad material and as a substrate for high performance finish, as defined by AAMA 2605. Program content addresses aluminum characteristics, sustainability and life cycle, coating options and performance testing criteria.

Window Installation Fundamentals


Learn the basics about window installation. This program provides a general overview of best-practice installation procedures for wood windows, aluminum clad windows, and structural installations, including a discussion on opening and unit preparations.

Windows and Historic Rehabilitation


This presentation looks at historic renovation projects. Research, planning, window assessment, standards, and historic tax credits are reviewed. A broad range of window rehabilitation solutions are shown through case studies of historic projects.


Marvin Window Factory Tour


The centerpiece of this day-and-a-half program is a 5 hour tour of the Marvin Windows and Doors factory in Warroad, MN. Learn about every facet of window manufacturing from wood processing through final unit assembly.

Marvin Door Factory Tour


The Marvin Door Factory Tour at Ripley TN covers the entire made-to-order door manufacturing process for swinging and sliding doors for both residential and commercial applications. Production of large, multiple panel bi-fold and lift and slide operation doors will also be presented. Performance testing and quality testing will be demonstrated.

Cardinal Plant (Tour)


Take a two-hour tour of a Cardinal plant and see how float glass (Menomonee, WI) or coated glass, Low E (Northfield, MN) is created. Learn about the fabrication processes for tempering, laminating, coating and insulating glass, and identify common problems in glazing.

Architectural Tour of Minneapolis


This tour acquaints participants with architecturally significant buildings in downtown and riverfront Minneapolis, at the University of Minnesota, and in residential neighborhoods. Energy efficiency, durability, safety, technological advancements, and other fenestration issues are addressed at each site. The tour visits dozens of historically significance and newer buildings designed by world-class architects.

Window Performance: Architectural Testing Facility Tour

1.5 HSW LU

This tour of a Twin Cities building materials testing facility will demonstrate how air, water, and structural tests for window and door products are conducted, and will show testing processes for NFRC values. Large scale testing, safety glazing testing, environmental conditions simulations, insulated glass testing and impact testing will be included.


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