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Integrity Introduces All Ultrex Casements and Awnings

The All Ultrex Casement Window

Integrity Windows and Doors’ All Ultrex windows are now available as casements and awnings. 

All Ultrex casement and awning windows are made inside and out with Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass that is eight times as strong as vinyl and equally strong as steel.  The new casement and awning windows resist dinging, scratching, warping or corrosion. Available in six exterior finishes, the All Ultrex casement and awning is built tough so it doesn’t fade.  Because of this, the All Ultrex casement and awning can be offered in dark colors like Ebony, unlike vinyl windows which can fade easily.

The All Ultrex Awning Window

Like the window itself, hardware is tough, durable and beautiful.  A single handle sequential lock offers security and the operation of a multi-point sequential locking system. The handles on the All Ultrex casement and awning are folding handles.  They operate smoothly and have a clean look that doesn’t interfere with window treatments.

The All Ultrex Casement and Awning windows also come with the option of ultra energy-efficient LoE3-366 glass. When LoE3-366 glass is used, the All Ultrex Casement and Awning qualify for the $1500 Energy Tax Credit.

The All Ultrex Awning Window

The All Ultrex casement and awning join double hungs, single hungs, sliders, polygon windows and a sliding patio door in the All Ultrex line.  The casement and awning are built with the same sightlines as other All Ultrex products to create numerous assemblies. For added flexibility, the All Ultrex Casement and Awning are available in custom sizes of 1/64” increments, within each product’s standard matrix.

The All Ultrex Casement Window

Laurie Reding, Integrity Marketing Director, says, “All Ultrex casement and awning windows add a lot to the All Ultrex line.  Not only are they Built to perform® like all Integrity products, but they have the added toughness of being made completely with Ultrex.  With these windows, builders can have more assembly options with windows that are virtually maintenance- and callback-free.”

Integrity Windows and Doors is the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of windows and doors made with Ultrex – a state-of-the-art pultruded fiberglass material.

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Nick Jan 29 2010 8:27PM
When will these windows be available? Also, will the retractable screen feature available with the utlimate casements be coming to the integrity lines?
John Kirchner Feb 2 2010 2:54PM
Nick, The All Ultrex Casement and Awning windows will be available before the end of the first quarter of 2010. Regarding the retractable screens coming to Integrity products, that's not in the plans right now but we're always considering new options for the future. Thanks for the questions!
Marianne Jan 23 2010 9:19PM
Hi - I'm considering replacing my existing wood windows with Ultrex wood casement windows. If I use the all Ultrex, what type of paint do you recommend painting the interior white finish? My interior frames and molding are all stained red oak.
John Kirchner Jan 19 2010 6:58PM
Thanks for stopping by, Paul. Maximum size is 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall.
Paul Jan 18 2010 4:58PM
What are the maximum sizes (RO LxW) that are available in your new all-Ultrex awning and casement windows?